Notes on tackling a 4000 words essay on John Fowle’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman. Day 3

“You may think novelists always have fixed plans to which they work, so that the future predicted by Chapter One is always inexorably the actuality of Chapter Thirteen. But Novelists write for countless different reasons: for money, for fame, for reviewers, for parents, for loved ones; for vanity, for pride, for curiosity, for amusement; as skilled furniture — makers enjoy making furniture, as drunkards like drinking, as judges like judging, as Sicilians like emptying a shotgun into an enemy’s back. I could fill a book with reasons, and they would all be true, though not true at all. Only one same reason is shared by all of us; we wish to create worlds as real as, but other than the world that is(98).”

Sunday 11 April. I wish woke up in some other world. Today was tough. I was supposed to jog this morning, but I could not force myself to get up. My WiFi also made sure that I was not able to numb myself through Netflix. However, I still did not want to jump straight to work and picked up The Famished Road to read the first 25 pages. It was interesting to see how it works perfectly for my proposed Research Essay for Hermann. However, I am still hesitant to commit to this considering all the other work I have. So perhaps I can just begin reading the books I am considering until I formulate a plan.

Then I jumped into the French Loot’nt’s Hoer(88). I read 50 pages and it was difficult, but I made the relevant notes about Ernestine and pressed on. Then I answered the 19 questions about her.

I’ve made some conclusions about Ernestine that I feel capture her as character. Ernestine is a Princess a locked in Castle for most her life until she gets engaged to Charles who has more life experience. She is an only child and her rich parents or the Victorian age itself has kept her from adventure. Fowles does refer to her once as The Prisoner of Siberia.

Sarah might be an outcast, but she at least has taken off the role society expects from her. The idea of her as a fallen woman means that the worst has happened and she is now free from that assigned path of being preserved for marriage like livestock. It’s possible she’s just fighting for the right to be weird and look out at sea.

Later I did the Creative Writing task which meant listening to the audio of the person that I interviewed. I did not feel like listening to a recording because I was exhausted. But I did it and also the the free write and also the free-write for this post to type online later. I threw myself into bed around 8:30.



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